The Local Is Political

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2 Responses to The Local Is Political

  1. Andrew Sawtelle says:

    Nice work! This is a really clear explanation of the importance of a local focus.

    The Douglas Adams quote reminded me of something. Have we ever talked about the Piraha? They’re an Amazonian tribe whose language actually encodes the source of the information being described – direct observation, inference, or hearsay. Christian missionaries knew they had a problem when the Piraha responded to comments about Jesus with things like, “Wait, so neither you nor anyone you know has ever met this Jesus guy? Then why should we care what he says? Why are you telling us about him?”

    • vanessa says:

      hahah, AWESOME. No we haven’t talked about them. We should, though. Although, maybe we shouldn’t, because we don’t know any of them.

      & thanks–glad you like the post. I thought it was clear, too. Some people who comment on Patch didn’t seem to get the point –

      Of course, this is from the same group of people who–after my discussion of the pros and cons of voting and not voting, and how it’s a more complex issue that can’t be solved by just telling people to either vote or not vote–commented with the terribly nuanced sentiment of “Vote (command)” – – actually, I’d like to hear your take on that post (it’s also on here, right before the jello).

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